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Client Testimonials

"Joan has the ability to quickly get to the underlying issue and ignore the "noise" of a situation. She then presents a solution that is not only creative, but also personalized. This combination of identifying the real problem and presenting a personalized solution makes her an extremely effective coach."
Kathleen Ewald, Director – Web & CRM Development, Kohler Company
"During a significant portion of the year 2014, I had the pleasure/honor of working alongside Joan. Joan was engaged by the Bank to help me develop and enhance my leadership skills. Her engagement with me was thorough, included "before and after" 360 interviews with peers and direct reports, and in between the before and after 360's Joan worked with me to develop specific strategies and tactics to address the issues that were raised in the 360 interviews. Joan's work with me helped me realize the importance of self-awareness, and during the course of the engagement Joan checked in with me often, expected me to provide examples of tactics in action, and listened very intently to what I was saying. I would highly recommend Joan, and would encourage anyone thinking about engaging Joan to reach out to me so I can elaborate further. A wonderful professional experience with a terrific professional."
Peter Bulandr, Senior Vice President and Group Head, Associated Bank – Specialized Industries Group

"Joan has worked with me and my leadership team to increase our effectiveness through a productive 360 Feedback process. Each member of the team received feedback through Joan from peers, direct reports and supervisors. The process was valuable to all team members as each came away with a clear understanding of areas for improvement and strengths to leverage as well as an improvement plan that was openly communicated and committed to. The outcome of Joan's work will be a leadership team that can more effectively identify and capitalize on problems and opportunities."
Hugh Ekberg, President - Kitchen & Bath Americas, Kohler Company
“I had a great experience working with Joan Lloyd. She is one of the persons who influenced me most in my career and life. I learned from her how to work effectively in US working environment as an Asian leader, how to be a women leader, how to influence others without authority, and how to present like a Pro. One of the personal benefits I got from this coaching experience is rethinking of my career goal and repositioning myself. I was a little bit stuck at the beginning of the coaching as I am approaching the end of my US assignment and I need to think about what is my next step after this assignment. Joan helped me to think it through by asking questions, providing her personal experience and observation. I gained more confidence and self-awareness out of the coaching process. I really enjoy it and hope it could be longer. Joan is always the person I will go to for advice, even after our coaching process is completed.”
Jenny Wu, Senior Manager, Kohler Learning, Kohler Company
"Joan Lloyd has provided the ORBIS Corporation valuable executive coaching – both at the Leadership Team level as well as one-on-one sessions – and her insights and counsel has proven to be invaluable.  At the heart of Joan’s success is her ability to create a “safe zone” for open and candid discussion allowing participants to speak their minds and suggest often “unpopular truths.”  Having worked closely with Joan as we established her private sessions and then off-site workshops I have come to appreciate her consultancy acumen and genuine care for the services she provides. With that I fully recommend Joan as a top flight executive coach and counselor."
Dennis A. Rooney, Vice President, Human Resources, ORBIS Corporation
“Joan does a wonderful job of helping identify areas for development and providing constructive tools needed to make positive long-term change. Joan combines her extensive experience, genuineness and valued insight to quickly establish rapport and bring required clarity to issues. I very much appreciate the guidance and support Joan provided and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.”
John Hankerd, SVP Capital Markets and Credit Risk Management, Associated Bank

Joan is an outstanding executive coach. She has a personal approach that develops deep insights, providing focus and clarity throughout the experience. I enjoyed working with Joan immensely and continue to appreciate the longer-term career viewpoints that she provides." 
Greg Ciriacks, Director Global Supplier Quality, Rockwell Automation

"Wisdom and candor:  Joan has a unique blend.  With more than a decade of experience working with Joan, I appreciate her ability to listen and discern.  On more than one occasion, Joan "nailed" the situation:  listened to the noise; assessed the situation; and made meaningful recommendations.  Joan is practical and a realist.  She truly facilitates learning and growth.  I would recommend her to leaders and organizations seeking an executive coach and partner full of wisdom and candor."
Peggy Niemer, Vice President and Chief Experience Officer, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin
Founder and CEO, Kenwood and Wells, LLC 
“As an HR executive, I've engaged Joan's talented services in multiple situations -- training and facilitating HR practitioners, training emerging leaders, executive coaching, and public speaking training. Her results are consistently excellent and her clients are routinely delighted. Joan is a completely confidential and totally delightful professional. I recommend her without reservation!" 
Nadine Guirl, Senior HR Executive

"Joan's ability to engage an audience & deliver a message is unmatched. Having worked with Joan for over 10 years in a variety of venues I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for individual or executive coaching, group development or training." 
Tanya Lulloff, SPHR, Manager of Human Resources, Kohler Company

"Joan is an insightful and engaging consultant and coach. She supported me in Leadership team development and in projects to define the customer value proposition and the organizational implications. Joan has immediate credibility with customers and senior leaders. She was a highly valuable business partner."
Jane Dolan, Owner and Principal Consultant, JED Inc

“In the Internal Consulting Skills Lab, I picked up some great tools and a specific strategy I needed to approach a delicate political problem at work. I felt stuck. I had worked with Joan in the past and when I saw this training opportunity, I knew she would give me the confidence to apply what I learned. It worked, and I am grateful the issue was resolved.”
Jana Champion, Laboratory Director, WI State Crime Laboratory, Milwaukee

"Joan has a deep understanding of the HR internal consulting skillset, and how to influence executives. Joan is an excellent coach - both in the classroom and one-on-one - and tailors her feedback and recommendations to the individual. Joan is a trusted business partner, whom I can recommend with enthusiasm."
Jay Grych, Curriculum Manager, Kohler Company

“Prevea Health has worked with Joan Lloyd as an Executive Coach for both our CEO and Senior Leadership team for the last two years. Joan provided guidance during a leader transition and was instrumental in the Prevea Talent Management program’s development and implementation. 
Joan is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable, and current in executive development, coaching and growth opportunities. Joan was also accessible which was very important to our CEO and Senior Team.”
Deborah Mauthe, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Prevea Health, Inc
“It was a pleasure to meet you last week. I found your coaching session to be truly engaging and valuable! I have already found a number of ways to implement your coaching tips and tricks to enhance my business relationships. Thank you!”
Shannon Guthrie, HR Generalist, PHR, Briggs & Stratton Corporation

“Joan Lloyd is one of the best facilitators and trainers I know. With exceptional customization skills, she immerses herself in each client interaction in order to ensure and achieve desired outcomes and results. She’s bright, articulate and has a wonderful sense of humor. Joan Lloyd is a true professional and a joy to work with.”
Terry Estness, Executive Director, National Speakers Association - WI Chapter
“Joan is a pleasure to work with, she's high energy, engaging, personable and a knowledgeable resource to any organization. Joan has worked with Kohler on many different levels from coaching/enhancing employees in presentation skills to driving HR's ability to be strong business partners to executive coaching, all forms have been exceptional. I highly recommend Joan's services.”
Polly Nachreiner, HR Generalist, J.F. Ahern Company
“Joan Lloyd is a remarkable individual. She has expert knowledge in coaching, and her results consistently exceed expectations. She has exceptional integrity and I am fortunate to have worked with her.”
Jeff Plass, Director Global EHS, Kohler Company

Joan's insight and vision into leadership and organizational strategy is only matched by her energy and experience. Whether working with individuals, departments or companies she is an exceptional asset!”
Anne Nimke, Co-founder and CEO, The Good Jobs, LLC
“Joan Lloyd is an expert in developing people and organizations. I have worked with her at BizStarts Milwaukee, and other ventures. Her expertise is unmatched in her field. I highly recommend her for coaching and consulting.”
Barbara Bartlein, RN, MSW, CSP
Joan's executive coaching approach is straight forward, energizing and fun. She connects on a personal level, cares about her clients’ success and gets outstanding results.”
Mark Ship, Vice President, Access & Referral Services, Children's Hospital & Health System
Joan was instrumental in coaching a new team of professionals across multiple organizations with structured and balanced approach.”
Nata Abbott, GE MPS Grant Executive, GE Healthcare

“I have known Joan for about 20 years and in that time have come to know her strengths as a pragmatic business advisor. For many years Joan has written a syndicated newspaper column, there is one such article that has stood the test of time so much for me, that I still have it on my desk today, and still refer people to it. What more could you ask for?”
Deborah Seeger, Co-Founder, VP- Operations, Patina Solutions Group, Inc
Joan was an excellent executive coach for me. She has provided me with a new set of management tools that have been valuable. I have shared many of her ideas with my staff and colleagues. I recommend Joan highly to executives looking to improve their skills.
Scott Lord, VP, Operations & Residential/Light Commercial Business, Kohler Company
Joan Lloyd demonstrates competence in her field that is a benchmark for others. Striving for top performance with each effort, she is knowledgeable, personally flexible, and an innovator. Her standards are high; she is a professional in every sense of the word. I am happy to recommend her as an outstanding coach and strategist.
Rick Bauman, Ph.D., Organizational Psycghologist, Partner/Office Manager, Humber, Mundie and McClary
“When Joan was considering joining a consulting firm, I asked why she might not go out on her own...after all, whether affiliated in a larger practice or not, a consultant needs always to maintain professional independence...funny how that happens. Watching the steady development of her practice, it is a pleasure to see the many impacts she has made...and I expect the beat will go on. It is easy to recommend her when clients may benefit from her diverse talents.”
Jude Werra, President, Jude M Werra & Associates, LLC
“I have known Joan as a colleague for many years. I have observed her present to groups large and small, and have seen the rapt attention of the audience in each case. She connects with people and is able to explain complex concepts in a practical and actionable way. One on one, I have benefited from her vast experience in leadership development. When I have needed another perspective on an organizational challenge, I have talked to Joan and received confidential, wise counsel. She offers straight talk and clear thinking. Working with Joan you will be dealing with a talented and experienced professional. I strongly recommend her.”
Pat Gahl, Principal/Owner, PH Gahl and Associates
Joan Lloyd is an experienced, insightful, accomplished expert in working with businesses, individuals and groups alike. Years of positive results point to a reputation that is well-deserved. She delivers information to clients in a way that is both helpful and accessible. Her people skills are over the top, and her years with NML fed her years of consulting with a deep understanding of business cultures, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and unspoken contextual issues. She is, frankly, one of the best. And ... her business columns are one of the most popular items in the newspaper for good reason.”
Richard Thieme, Keynote Speaker, Global Conferences on Security, Identity, Technology, Ethics



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