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What are some of the key issues related to performance evaluation, hiring and retaining new people, and rewarding them appropriately? These articles will help you to build your knowledge and confidence in dealing with day-to-day HR issues and trends.

We have built this database of Joan Lloyd's articles, from her syndicated column, "Joan Lloyd @ Work," as a personal resource for each of you. We hope that you enjoy them.

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Date Article Title
02/21/2017  Getting a mentoring relationship off to a good start
02/13/2017  Successful partnerships are built with defined roles, structure and systems
02/09/2017  Smart employers respect employees' expectation of work/life balance
01/10/2017  Effective feedback reduces defensiveness & helps employees succeed
11/10/2016  Proactive, consistent approach reduces workplace conflict
10/27/2016  In a family culture, spoiled employees spoil the workplace culture
09/29/2016  Managers cheat employees with sugar-coated performance reviews
06/29/2016  Disruptive coworker not wanted on team
06/21/2016  The winds of change usually kick up some dust
04/27/2016  Take advantage of summer months to boost morale
03/31/2016  Avoid pitfalls when developing competencies and a 360-degree feedback system
02/23/2016  Take care when choosing a consultant
02/17/2016  Disruptive behavior should not be tolerated in the workplace
12/16/2015  Flex time causing issues where manager takes hands-off approach
11/25/2015  Is this Scrooge-like manager's behavior unethical?
11/11/2015  When performance is not the issue
11/04/2015  When, and why executive coaching makes sense
08/12/2015  Ask for specific feedback on negative performance review
06/16/2015  Ego and Leadership - do you know any OE types?
05/20/2015  Good communication goes beyond email, memos and meetings
04/22/2015  Even talented managers can have career derailing blindspots
02/18/2015  The smartest guy in the room?
10/08/2014  Workplace conflict? Complex picture emerges as you dig into organization's culture
08/19/2014  Sometimes it's better to leave than try to fight perceptions
07/01/2014  Use progressive discipline to minimize liability, maximize productivity
06/26/2014  Manager who plays favorites plays with fire
06/17/2014  Boosting quality means thinking about service
05/07/2014  When managers don't manage, employees suffer
03/20/2014  HR's role during a merger
03/12/2014  Lessons to be learned from bad bosses
01/28/2014  Senior leader sabotages manager by allowing end runs - everyone loses
01/07/2014  Moving to participative management means moving from managing to leading
09/12/2013  Common causes of team breakdown
09/04/2013  Organizational structure may be the underlying cause of "people problems"
08/30/2013  Senior leader leaves trail of bodies
07/11/2013  The "Undercover Boss" and other lessons from reality TV
05/09/2013  Is your organization coming unglued?
04/03/2013  Mailbag questions about crossing the (phone) line
02/27/2013  Meetings - when to attend and when to say no
02/04/2013  Defending your performance, training a coworker
11/07/2012  Coworker intimidation
11/01/2012  Demotions and other well-meaning ideas
09/20/2012  Motivate by showing how individuals and teams are doing
09/13/2012  Leave of absence for a year
06/28/2012  The path from teacher to facilitator
04/11/2012  Too many initiatives - things to stop doing right now
03/28/2012  Sticky situation when Leader tries to be a shrink
03/14/2012  Dotted line versus solid line reporting structures
03/07/2012  Insecure admin won't share her special skill
03/01/2012  Expected work hours for salaried administrative employees
02/22/2012  The importance of training and onboarding a new manager
12/15/2011  Performance review with forced ranking
12/07/2011  When managers use ineffective tactics to confront performance problems
12/01/2011  Boss's demotion irks employee
10/20/2011  What makes people happy at work?
09/07/2011  Micromanaging kills incentive
08/05/2011  Dress code for the dress shop?
06/22/2011  Arrogant behavior can sometimes be a cover up for insecurity
05/25/2011  Relationship with HR causes whispers, breakdown of trust
05/19/2011  My kids (employees) are perfect
04/21/2011  Gender Bias
04/13/2011  Should upper management always believe managers in human resource matters?
04/07/2011  I've told him and told him but he doesn't change
01/12/2011  Organizational structure hinders progress
10/07/2010  Heart-to-heart is overdue
09/23/2010  Control freak manager frustrates employees
09/02/2010  Tips for facilitating a meeting between two groups
08/04/2010  Readers react to recent "sloppy appearance" article
07/28/2010  Sloppy appearance linked to poor performance
07/21/2010  Charge nurse is non-confrontational
07/15/2010  Complicated project requires upfront clarification of role, responsibilities and outcomes
06/02/2010  Proposing work-at-home for part of work week
04/01/2010  Hostile leader doesn't fit organization's culture
03/10/2010  Let's test your "corporate speak"
03/03/2010  360-degree peer review - pros and cons
01/06/2010  Office keys, access to employee records should be secure and controlled
12/09/2009  Government office refuses to discipline - everyone suffers
12/02/2009  Leveraging your seasoned employees
11/18/2009  What is the recession brewing for the future?
11/11/2009  Is a manager accountable to his team for his whereabouts?
10/21/2009  When the CEO commits domestic abuse in the workplace
09/23/2009  Readers ask questions about religion and work
07/08/2009  Departing employee faces charges of disloyalty
07/01/2009  When employees ignore health and safety standards
06/24/2009  Loss of trust - when management lies
05/06/2009  HR role: strategic versus employee advocate?
04/29/2009  An office romance in the making?
04/08/2009  Tips for staff, interviewing potential new manager
12/10/2008  Management strategies for layoffs
11/26/2008  Calibrate performance review ratings across your management team
10/30/2008  What is Executive Presence?
10/15/2008  Reader reacts to article about person who wants to leave his her job after three months
09/18/2008  When gossip affects morale - how to deal with gossip in the workplace
08/20/2008  If you want to keep your job, you better vote for candidate X
07/02/2008  Retaliation against whistleblower
06/05/2008  Domestic abuse affects workplace - educate managers and security staff
05/28/2008  Readers respond to “crack at work” column
05/21/2008  The American Workplace has a “crack” problem
05/14/2008  Reader disagrees with advice to fire employee . . . this time
05/07/2008  New leader lacks leadership
04/02/2008  Is Queen Bee Manager a workplace bully?
03/26/2008  Even long-term, valued employees need to be confronted for toxic behavior
02/20/2008  Call girl coworker - When the skills that get your coworker the job, aren’t job related
01/09/2008  When the COO gossips
12/12/2007  Gift giving alternatives can make your workplace merry and bright
09/27/2007  Policy may be necessary when workers refuse to give up perfume that cause coworkers illness
08/16/2007  Time to clean house when janitor refuses to clean – nepotism causes problems when poor performance allowed to continue
06/27/2007  Tips to improve efficiency of internal job trainers
06/27/2007  Five tips to protect your most important asset (your employees) during a merger
06/20/2007  To root out favoritism - senior management and HR must implement culture change
04/19/2007  Turnover poised for a significant increase – skilled managers are they key to retaining talented employees
04/04/2007  Is this pay for performance unfair?
03/07/2007  Is mediator answer for team issues created by one problem employee?
02/28/2007  Bullying coworker’s possible return to office may cause turnover
02/21/2007  When ethical behavior brings coworker pressure
02/14/2007  Manager must enforce sanitary and safety standards
11/20/2006  Has your workplace gone too far on the “Nice Scale”?
11/08/2006  Boss spread too thin? Team dynamics problems often result
10/04/2006  Nepotism – when “family” interferes with performance management
09/28/2006  Reader response: The problem with classifying employees into categories
08/23/2006  When dealing with HR, can employees/managers assume confidentiality?
07/12/2006  Money is only one piece of the motivation puzzle
05/17/2006  After merge, supervisors demoted in rank and pay but responsibilities remain the same
04/26/2006  HR professional requests tips for expanding role, and growth options
04/12/2006  Employee’s costly mistake may be owners fault, too
03/29/2006  Company damages own reputation with insensitive release of contract employees
03/15/2006  Frustrated employee complains about possible ADA accomodations for bad behavior
12/14/2005  Manager missing big picture by blocking growth of employee
08/10/2005  Options available to satisfy exceptional top-of-range employees
07/28/2005  Readers respond to recent favoritism in workplace column
07/20/2005  Mergers - like blended families, communication is key to building new culture
07/13/2005  Favoritism and inconsistency - when leaders fail to lead
05/26/2005  When mind-numbing, monotonous work makes retaining employees difficult
05/11/2005  Stakeholder buy-in is key to successful implementation of new ideas
03/30/2005  Disgruntled new employee, harassment complaint, can’t be ignored
03/17/2005  Dysfunctional family business may need outside help
10/13/2004  Creative ideas for integrating new team members
09/29/2004  Implementation & training key to success with new performance review process
07/28/2004  Tough tactics to combat gossip
07/14/2004  Good employees suffer when out-of-control employees rule
07/07/2004  Tips to leverage your development budget
06/09/2004  Personality conflict may be something more
06/02/2004  Avoiding conflict in co-management arrangement
05/12/2004  Innovative approach to exiting employees builds culture of trust
04/21/2004  Reduced politics and increased trust are long-term consequences of healthy corporate culture
03/17/2004  Teambuilding can open communication, build trust and create accountability
01/21/2004  Taking the mystery out of Executive Coaching –tips for when, and how, to use an executive coach
09/24/2003  Addressing gender bias, necessary step to change
09/10/2003  Implementing a 360-degree feedback process for your team
02/26/2003  The new role of the HR professional
01/29/2003  Lack of rules & policies can spell disaster
12/12/2002  Balancing workplace, home and holiday stress
12/12/2002  Balancing workplace, home and holiday stress
08/07/2002  Flexible scheduling - when employees cross the line
06/12/2002  Turnover in spite of perks, can signal deeper trouble
05/01/2002  The war for talent is in a temporary cease-fire
01/15/2002  Clarity of dress code is key to compliance
12/05/2001  Alternative ideas for encouraging employee initiative, beyond "suggestion box"
11/28/2001  Strategies to consider during tough economic times
09/26/2001  Leaders should work to unify and rejuvenate workplace teams
07/06/2001  How a layoff is handled will affect company long after economy recovers
03/23/2001  Laying off employees is hard to do
02/16/2001  Mentoring can improve a company’s culture
02/09/2001  Don’t brush employee complaints aside
12/29/2000  Take a look at what the new year may bring
12/08/2000  Arm yourself in the war to find, keep employees
10/13/2000  Sharing a job starts with convincing the boss
09/29/2000  Telecommuting doesn't work for everyone
09/10/2000  Part-timers need to be sensitive to work responsibilities
07/09/2000  Managers should inspect their contribution to office stress
06/18/2000  Older workers, younger bosses - it's a mix that can work
05/28/2000  Trying to connect in our fast-changing, wired new world
05/14/2000  Employer can't make decisions on flextime based on 'fairness'
04/30/2000  Office policies are a reply to bawdy e-mail jokes at work
04/16/2000  Life-cycle considerations important in getting, keeping employees
03/26/2000  Wide variety of innovations can make company 'family-friendly'
12/26/1999  Tight labor market leads to need to keep workers happy
12/12/1999  Some ideas for helping holiday spirit sneak into the workplace
08/15/1999  In tricky situation, prepare for both best and worse scenario
08/08/1999  Employers can take steps to improve their recruitment process
08/01/1999  Speak for yourself when asked to be authority on your race
07/25/1999  Sometimes, the employee should take a good look in the mirror
06/06/1999  Alternative work schedule has to be reasonable
05/23/1999  Employers must follow Privacy Act in monitoring e-mail
02/14/1999  Find out if an employer’s ‘family friendly’ promises are real
01/24/1999  Successful board members know each other, their goals, roles
11/21/1998  Odor problem could be related to illness, other factors
11/15/1998  Co-worker with bad smell should be confronted - gently
10/18/1998  Office grapevine flourishes when communication is lacking
06/21/1998  Innovative new perks help firms cut turnover, boost loyalty
06/14/1998  Firms should take a look in the mirror at their appearance
06/07/1998  Fresh ideas can bring new zing to recruitment efforts
05/31/1998  Smart firms carefully weigh consultants / employees choice
04/19/1998  Look for the best in special days for secretaries, daughters
03/29/1998  Employers often can't deviate from rejection script
03/01/1998  Foul language in the workplace unprofessional, risky
02/22/1998  Don't think telecommuting is a vacation from the office
02/01/1998  Traditional pay systems due for change in near future
07/13/1997  Downsized employee may bring bitterness to new job
05/25/1997  Generation X pieces strike a chord with some readers
05/18/1997  Gen X work ethic isn't all that different from others
05/11/1997  Spelling out the values, motivations of Generation X
03/30/1997  'Pseudo supervisor' should get clarification of the rules
02/23/1997  Respect is more important than praise for employees
02/16/1997  Demands of management position should be made clear
11/17/1996  To succeed, employees should avoid swimming upstream
10/13/1996  Stressed, confused and insecure? So are lots of other people
09/29/1996  Try to keep personal crises out of the workplace
09/15/1996  There are ways to ease the pain of a merger
07/07/1996  Readers not laid back about casual office wear
05/19/1996  Double standards poison workplace
04/28/1996  Workplace efforts must fit situation
04/14/1996  Catchy trends not always advisable
03/31/1996  With no contract, you can be fired at will
02/04/1996  Variable pay programs provide flexibility, incentives
11/26/1995  Thanks-giving needed at work too!
11/12/1995  Teamwork: All for one, one for all
09/24/1995  Hostage
05/14/1995  Use tact when addressing personal hygiene
03/05/1995  How a steering team can take a wrong turn
02/05/1995  GOP concerns mirror workplace trends
11/27/1994  The fallout of re-engineering
10/30/1994  Lift the burden of rules
10/09/1994  Avoid misfiring when you hire by carefully defining jobs
10/02/1994  Mixed signals on office romance
09/11/1994  Innovative benefits pay off in morale
06/26/1994  If owners are fair, nepotism won’t ruin work
06/05/1994  Control, knowledge help reduce stress in the workplace
05/22/1994  Quality management
05/15/1994  Danger lurks in the workplace
05/08/1994  Reins of career management have passed to employees
02/20/1994  Transitional job programs provide dedicated employees
11/28/1993  Courageous minority rewrites rules of management
11/07/1993  Companies must take lead from state on breaking glass ceiling
10/31/1993  Smoker burns over ‘rights’
10/17/1993  Cigarettes can ignite tension in the workplace
10/03/1993  Down on your work? Maybe your work puts you down
09/12/1993  Removing "bad apples" is a union issue
08/29/1993  Time to return to workplace accountability
08/15/1993  Corporate ladders need not always go up
07/11/1993  Family-friendly firms hard to come by
06/13/1993  Dressing down can work – within limits
11/08/1992  Informal approach may stop sexual harassment
06/21/1992  Clear policy on dress can save employees’ feelings
06/07/1992  Work and romance can be a tricky mix
10/20/1991  Use harassment issue to educate
09/01/1991  Pregnant employee could use kindness
08/04/1991  Sexual harassment is all too common
07/07/1991  Work with employer to save construction
05/05/1991  Bias may cause pay discrepancy
03/31/1991  Participative management takes effort
01/27/1991  Technical employees need separate track
01/06/1991  Right thinking but wrong timing
10/28/1990  Setting dress code requires sensitivity
08/26/1990  Proceed carefully giving info to employees
08/12/1990  Family leave law provisions
07/08/1990  Absences are unfair to others
06/24/1990  Smoking policy requires study
05/27/1990  Absenteeism points to deeper problem
02/11/1990  Leaders to empower employees
01/14/1990  Retiree check pension plan
11/12/1989  Advances from male clients
02/19/1989  A diplomatic way to clean the air
10/02/1988  Unpaid overtime policy leaves few options
09/11/1988  Abrupt dismissal stuns employee
06/12/1988  It takes work - poor attitude tag
04/17/1988  Don’t plan to change co-worker’s habits
03/20/1988  Companies combat absenteeism
02/28/1988  Getting to the truth in exit interviews
10/25/1987  Plan would allow promotion to parent company
09/13/1987  Group wants to make Milwaukee synonymous with quality goods
08/23/1987  Preparation is crucial in winning job
07/26/1987  Employee assistance-Bottom line
07/19/1987  Chivalry can be out of place
06/07/1987  Dress conservatively for finance jobs
05/24/1987  Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder
04/12/1987  Workers’ complaints are moving toward the courts for answers
02/22/1987  Outlook to future critical for success
02/01/1987  Key employee wants a raise-finally
01/11/1987  Taking time off to care for a sick child shouldn’t put anyone on the firing line
12/07/1986  Firms can hold on to their star workers by providing new kinds of rewards
11/16/1986  There may be reasons for pay inequity
07/20/1986  You can be ‘too thorough’ in your job
06/22/1986  Progress in office comes step by step
02/09/1986  Tips on dealing with office romance
07/14/1985  Polish your professional image by dressing intelligently
05/19/1985  Women still scarce at the executive level
02/02/1985  The right way to fire someone
12/23/1984  Dealing with the office affair
11/18/1984  The best job interviewers prepare well, talk little
10/07/1984  Co-worker has an air about her
08/19/1984  An open mind is important when picking staff members
05/20/1984  The final benefit: Outplacement
12/25/1983  Clothes help show if you "fit" the firm
02/18/1983  Dressing for success is crucial at a job interview


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