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Job Hunting

Whether you are writing your resume, composing a cover letter, or preparing for a job interview, job hunting can seem overwhelming. These articles will help you discover how to make the most of your job hunt and find the position that is a match that’s right for you.

We have built this database of Joan Lloyd's articles, from her syndicated column, "Joan Lloyd @ Work," as a personal resource for each of you. We hope that you enjoy them.

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Date Article Title
11/13/2013  Take advantage of holiday time to step up your job hunting efforts
07/24/2013  How to respond to common interview questions
03/29/2013  Accepting counter offer closes doors
10/11/2012  Online applications perplexing
08/15/2012  Prepare, for a great job interview
06/07/2012  As the recession eases, people are looking to jump ship
11/16/2011  Post interview protocol
10/27/2011  Revealing potential medical details in an interview
09/15/2011  10-year absence hurts chances of employment
08/17/2011  Joan responds to 2 reader letters
07/14/2011  New resume tips for older workers
03/30/2011  Joan answers reader questions: Customer service resume & Go back to your old job?
02/23/2011  Take stock of your career
01/19/2011  My job is hell
01/05/2011  Are your job hunting skills rusty?
12/22/2010  Job hunting in a tough economy
12/15/2010  Tips for communicating effectively with a staffing agency
12/08/2010  Tips for writing a stand out cover letter
03/17/2010  Working for a staffing agency
02/24/2010  Don't tell employer you might be leaving
10/07/2009  Fired job hunter wants to avoid negative reference
09/16/2009  Out-of-state interviews
09/10/2009  Considering internal & external job opportunities
08/27/2009  Unscrupulous interviewer
07/22/2009  Juggling job opportunities
04/22/2009  Job hunters send questions on references, age discrimination / outdated skills
04/01/2009  Beware of negative job references
03/11/2009  The job search from both sides of the desk
02/17/2009  Job hunting for the rusty
12/17/2008  Job hunting during down times brings reader questions
09/25/2008  Can I return to my old job?
07/31/2008  Grief makes new employee stumble
06/18/2008  Reader provides another idea for checking your own references
06/12/2008  How to deal with a bad reference
03/12/2008  Spring brings job hunting questions, from restless employees
02/27/2008  Don’t let bad ex-boss, or work experience, stop you from getting a great new job
02/06/2008  Preparation tips for effective phone interview
01/30/2008  When providing references is a challenge
10/31/2007  Tips to appear confident, and assertive, in an interview
08/08/2007  Tips to sooth the angst of a potential new job, out of town
07/19/2007  Key person in small business – jack of all trades – needs advice on marketing self for new job
05/31/2007  How to handle termination on new job in search for next job
05/17/2007  Resourceful, or a nuisance? Job hunter sabotages himself
02/07/2007  If and when to divulge pregnancy to perspective employer
10/11/2006  Embarrassing moments and other challenging interview questions
09/13/2006  Recruiter/reader responds to recent, “If it looks like a rat” advice
09/07/2006  Leaving your job? Tips for a savvy and graceful exit
08/30/2006  Horrific reputation as employer reaches potential future employees
08/02/2006  Dream job turns into nightmare – when to leave . . .
06/21/2006  Using degree to transition to management, and relocate, prove challenging for job hunter
05/03/2006  Tips for job hunter to assure a good fit with new company, new position
04/19/2006  Pared down job responsibilities? To stay, leave or retire
02/08/2006  Tips for follow up, after interviewing
02/01/2006  Finding a new position only answer to toxic workplace
11/09/2005  One hostile employee causes continuous turnover problem
07/06/2005  Fired, or laid off - how to recover after job loss
06/02/2005  Requests for information before hire make job candidate uneasy
04/06/2005  Displaced workers find there’s more to job hunting than resume
03/09/2005  Career transition approach needs fine tuning
02/10/2005  Asking good questions, while being interviewed, can make your interview more effective
02/06/2005  Alternate resume format may be the key to a successful job hunt
12/01/2004  Job hunters take note - recent behind the scene changes
09/01/2004  The pros and cons of accepting a counteroffer
08/25/2004  Job hunting can feel like competing on the Dating Game
07/21/2004  How to maximize the effectiveness of your informational interviews
04/28/2004  No notice, two-week notice or longer notice?
03/31/2004  Balance initiative and patience during selection process
12/25/2003  Poor job hunting results may be “packaging” issue
12/03/2003  Take advantage of holiday season to step up your job hunting
10/01/2003  Conduct reference check on resume & career service companies
07/30/2003  Leaving your job? How much notice is enough?
01/15/2003  The 3 rules of smart networking
01/04/2003  Bad job changes, re-entering the workforce and illegal interview questions
09/04/2002  Handling salary history, cover letters and job loss questions
07/31/2002  Have you been disqualified for being overqualified?
04/03/2002  Answers to reader questions on Job Hunting
02/27/2002  Thoughtful preparation important regardless of interview style
01/23/2002  Position yourself wisely with potential employers, after being fired
12/20/2001  Downsized or reorganized out of a job? Get moving!
11/21/2001  Internet job hunt poses new questions about resumes
06/27/2001  Slow economy brings lots of job hunting questions
05/11/2001  You're fired, now what?
04/27/2001  Make your resume come alive
01/02/2000  Manager may need a push when performance review is overdue
09/12/1999  Two-week notice is courteous, and a necessity in tight times
03/28/1999  Hiring problem isn’t always due to human resources professional
03/07/1999  What to do when your old company asks you to come back
02/28/1999  Resume is the key in opening door to job in business world
12/20/1998  Get a foot in the door without putting one in your mouth
09/06/1998  Give yourself an advantage when competing for a dream job
05/24/1998  Networking is about meeting people, exchanging information
03/22/1998  Resumes, interviews and getting the job
01/18/1998  Having a business plan might help you land job
11/23/1997  Some answers to questions on reference checking
10/05/1997  Some things to remember when job hunting online
09/28/1997  Variety of web sites available to help you net a job
08/24/1997  Job hunters: Here are your most frequent questions
06/15/1997  Show your ability to accept challenges, get results
05/04/1997  Asking good questions could help you win a new job
11/03/1996  Don’t be coy about salary needs when you’re seeking a new position
09/22/1996  Hiring is too important to expect a magic answer
08/18/1996  Employers can be sympathetic to temp workers’ job search
07/21/1996  Job Applicant right to ask about the boss
05/12/1996  Packaging qualifications could be key to re-entering the job market
05/05/1996  Some tips on the fine art of learning to network
07/02/1995  Job interview will be OK, just don’t bring Mom
05/21/1995  Tactful questions can be part of job interview
04/09/1995  A little extra effort after the interview could win job
02/26/1995  Ready your references
01/29/1995  Part-time work can turn your resume into an interview
08/28/1994  Prepare yourself for ‘trick’ questions
04/17/1994  Interviewers need to make good impression too
02/27/1994  Quality of work experience can make up for brevity
01/16/1994  Got 2 offers? Choose best fit
09/05/1993  Forget letters, get references
07/18/1993  Job hunt, but subtly, while still employed
04/04/1993  Age need not doom job search
03/14/1993  Offer can be leveraged for job you really want
01/31/1993  Fresh approach can help dead-end job search
10/18/1992  Cover letter is as important as the resume
10/11/1992  Starter wardrobe should be built on classics
10/04/1992  Networking helps out of town job hunts
09/06/1992  Older job seekers must disprove prejudices
07/19/1992  Minor details play major role in interview
05/17/1992  Stress weaknesses as strengths during interview
03/29/1992  Tailor interview clothes to job
03/15/1992  Time off in new job may be negotiable
02/16/1992  Ex-boss’ drug problem shouldn’t be discussed
01/19/1992  Functional resume emphasizes strengths
09/22/1991  Answering machine is helpful in job search
09/15/1991  Make reference count but use caution
07/28/1991  Dinner meetings are a networking forum
07/21/1991  Functional resume might be better for the "imperfect"
07/14/1991  Remember proper etiquette with job applicants
06/16/1991  Setting the record straight about job hunting
06/09/1991  Prove your good job material by marketing
01/13/1991  Turn job negative into a positive
10/14/1990  Illegal questions pose a problem
09/16/1990  Keep options open in salary requests
03/18/1990  Cover letter can market skills
03/11/1990  Resumes capture the spirit
10/29/1989  Turning a lemon into lemonade
09/03/1989  Successful networking can lead to job
01/15/1989  Key words can explain leaving
10/16/1988  Timeout doesn’t diminish skills
07/24/1988  Wasting your time or is the interviewer trying to help?
07/17/1988  Simple etiquette in a lunch interview
06/19/1988  How to cruise through a job interview
04/24/1988  Actual experience may be lacking
04/03/1988  Resume starts during school days
02/07/1988  5-year layoff hurts chances for a smooth return to career
11/29/1987  How to find a job states away
11/15/1987  What to do after the interview
08/30/1987  Job-hunting can be hard work
06/28/1987  Getting a headhunter to call can be the 1st step to a better job
05/10/1987  ‘Right’ answers are truthful, too
04/19/1987  Ask tough questions in interviews
01/25/1987  Marketing letter introduces job seekers to employers
11/02/1986  Shake off interview resentment
06/29/1986  Nourish network to boost career
06/01/1986  What every graduate needs to know: how to find a job
04/13/1986  Don’t sell yourself short in interview
06/30/1985  Should he mention that he was formerly a priest?
05/05/1985  Resume should reflect your goals
09/23/1984  Be prepared to ask questions during interview
05/27/1984  Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm at interview
03/11/1984  You still can make ‘network’ connections
11/13/1983  Psychological testing can benefit job seeker
11/05/1983  How to make the best use of references
10/23/1983  Don’t overlook value of cover letter
10/09/1983  Don’t get n-n-nervous about salary
10/02/1983  Questions to expect at a job interview
09/25/1983  Thorough preparation will help in interview
09/11/1983  Writing resumes right


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