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Managers serve as leaders, planners, talent scouts and coaches, all at the same time. These articles will provide tools and management techniques to help you strengthen your team while building your own skills.

We have built this database of Joan Lloyd's articles, from her syndicated column, "Joan Lloyd @ Work," as a personal resource for each of you. We hope that you enjoy them.

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Date Article Title
03/07/2017  Feedback to employees helps
03/02/2017  To motivate employees, coach, don't criticize
01/31/2017  You need employee buy-in on goals if you want them to commit to achieving them
01/24/2017  Tips to help leaders keep informed of their team's projects/results
01/18/2017  Political savvy at the top
12/06/2016  New director should build rapport with his staff
11/29/2016  Management style is learned - new skills can resolve issues
11/14/2016  Top 10 big bad boss blunders
10/31/2016  The best bosses keep their eyes, ears and minds open
09/22/2016  Managers must set standards and hold employees accountable
08/30/2016  Performance counseling versus personal counseling - what is the manager's role?
08/10/2016  Managers need to manage their stress and anger
07/29/2016  Managers must read between the lines of employee communication
07/20/2016  Tips for diffusing difficult group dynamics
07/13/2016  Honesty, respect for others and consistency are part of being a leader
05/31/2016  New manager needs strategy to lead change
05/19/2016  When well meaning senior leaders rob managers of their authority
05/04/2016  Tips for smoothing the transition of new co-workers
04/20/2016  Training won't solve all problems
03/23/2016  To be a great leader focus on clarity in communication
03/16/2016  Effect change by example
03/02/2016  Praising well is an art
01/26/2016  Good coaches find balance
01/13/2016  Don't let empathy prevent you from taking disciplinary action
01/07/2016  Can quiz predict success or failure as a manager?
11/18/2015  Avoid these common performance review mistakes
10/28/2015  Respect and fairness are the very core of good management
10/15/2015  Deposits in "Trust Bank" pay big dividends in workplace
09/09/2015  Fear is a great motivator
09/02/2015  Overcontrolling managers breed failure in their employees and in their own careers
08/05/2015  The number 1 mistake leaders make
07/29/2015  Cure poor work habits with feedback
07/22/2015  Micro-manager produces negative macro affect
06/30/2015  Open door policy is the key success for manager
06/10/2015  Ten questions that encourage open, positive performance discussions
05/28/2015  Is your inability to delegate holding your employees and you back?
05/13/2015  Are you a micromanager?
04/08/2015  Whose job is it to motivate employees?
04/01/2015  Team-oriented companies use peer hiring to build stronger teams
03/26/2015  Manager urged to confront hostile employee
03/04/2015  The best managers are the best leaders
02/25/2015  Employees deserve honest coaching
01/28/2015  Even an open door policy needs some ground rules
01/20/2015  Staff development is part of the manager's job
01/14/2015  Are you an absentee manager?
01/07/2015  Meetings are only as effective as the person who leads them
12/30/2014  High expectations for new leaders
12/22/2014  What separates savvy managers from so-so-managers?
12/18/2014  'Tough love philosophy makes employees take responsibility
12/03/2014  When you must step into others' turf
12/01/2014  Helping an employee with personal woes
10/22/2014  Tips for managers who struggle with delegating effectively
10/15/2014  Avoid these poor listening pitfalls - best managers are best listeners
10/02/2014  Managers' do's and don'ts for handling workplace conflict
09/24/2014  Five strategies for managing group dynamics in meetings
08/07/2014  What four things separate good bosses from bad bosses?
07/24/2014  Reserve competition for your competitors
07/15/2014  How to give criticism effectively
06/12/2014  Managers need structure for group decisions
05/28/2014  Tips to improve your meetings
05/21/2014  President killing his own firm with authoritarian ways
05/14/2014  Problems with top executives eventually spread to all levels
04/30/2014  Managers, how open are you to feedback?
04/22/2014  Managers must earn their employees' trust
04/02/2014  Advice on mediating employee conflict for managers
03/27/2014  Balance and consistency are key to being a good manager
03/04/2014  High expectations lead to excellent performance
02/24/2014  Employee engagement secrets aren't so secret
02/18/2014  Steer clear of the Bermuda Communication Triangle
02/12/2014  CEO behavior has huge impact on the entire organization
02/05/2014  How do I manage an employee who has lied to me?
01/15/2014  Dealing with a Diva
12/18/2013  Employee's sudden attitude change signals underlying problem
12/13/2013  Use different meeting styles to accomplish different goals
11/07/2013  How to avoid being a "whack a mole" manager
11/01/2013  More advice for managers about communication triangles
10/22/2013  When coworkers bring their complaints about each other to their manager
10/16/2013  General reprimand and peer pressure are not effective management techniques
10/02/2013  Dealing with negativity and griping
08/14/2013  Hone your meeting skills - three parts to a meeting
07/11/2013  5 meeting wrongs some leaders think are right
06/27/2013  Good intentions - the art and science of getting feedback heard
06/12/2013  Maximize your best tool - your administrative assistant
06/05/2013  Managers can be "too nice"
05/29/2013  Experiential team building
05/16/2013  Performance discussions can include feedback on personal behavior
04/24/2013  Spring Clean how you work to increase productivity
04/18/2013  Prescription for a Perfectionist Detox
03/20/2013  How do I motivate an older employee?
03/06/2013  How much is too much when it comes to sharing information with employees?
02/20/2013  Tips for taking over the position of a demoted leader
12/13/2012  Trying to be perfect will never be good enough
10/17/2012  Good leaders set boundaries
10/04/2012  Delegate or dig your own hole
09/26/2012  Stop solving other people's problems
09/06/2012  My coworker never shuts up
07/26/2012  Five stories leaders should stop telling themselves
07/11/2012  Your technical skills are not enough to keep you hired
05/17/2012  Coworkers harrassing employee hired by friend of family
03/20/2012  Strategy to create buy-in and facilitate change
02/15/2012  Striking a balance - CEO's time spent in meetings
02/09/2012  New manager has doubts about his abilities
01/26/2012  How do you handle the mistakes of others'?
01/19/2012  Losing it when overloaded or at personal risk
01/12/2012  A Leader’s Lament: Why can’t my employees be more like….me?
10/13/2011  What does good leadership look like?
09/29/2011  Reader wonders if she's too mean
09/22/2011  Are you naughty or nice?
08/11/2011  Hired to replace my former boss
07/07/2011  Insubordination?
06/15/2011  What are some of the characteristics of a great leader?
06/09/2011  Employees need to know you care
03/16/2011  People watch what you do, not what you say
02/03/2011  Common mistakes leaders make and how to avoid them
01/26/2011  What is coaching?
12/02/2010  Tips for managing former peers
10/20/2010  Absentee owners ignore suggestions
10/13/2010  Boss in the middle
09/15/2010  How can I help my team avoid making silly mistakes?
09/09/2010  Managing staff from afar
08/11/2010  Leader’s 360-degree feedback results shows need for improvement
06/09/2010  Five fatal flaws for a leader
05/26/2010  What is your CQ?
05/12/2010  Build your reputation as a collaborator and earn trust from your peers
04/28/2010  Are you approachable?
04/07/2010  Power questions for coaches
02/17/2010  Reaction to promised promotion and incentive question
01/13/2010  Are you a control freak?
12/17/2009  New manager faces long-term abusive employee
08/19/2009  Personalities make new leadership job difficult
08/12/2009  No vision - no accountability
08/06/2009  Do you have an Eddie Haskell in your workplace?
04/15/2009  Manager must show employees that hoarding knowledge won't bring job security
03/25/2009  The dynamics of managing nonprofit board members
01/29/2009  How to manage an employee who has roller coaster performance
12/04/2008  Layoff leaks
11/19/2008  Performance plan may help procrastinator live up to job expectations
10/22/2008  Threat of cuts demoralizes staff
04/10/2008  Tips to help new manager, younger than employees, to establish him/herself in the leader role
03/06/2008  When your office has an out-of-control Diva
02/13/2008  Tips for handling an employee who’s jealous about coworker’s promotion
01/23/2008  Manager is bridge to link employee goals or organization’s goals
12/06/2007  Manager has a responsibility to “tell it straight” anything less shortchanges employee
07/12/2007  Poor handling of customer complaint results in frustration for customer and employee
05/03/2007  Sulky, resistant employee needs ultimatum – turn around poor behavior or lose job
03/28/2007  First 90 days are critical for newly placed manager or executive
03/21/2007  Even exempt employees value feedback that comes with performance review
01/17/2007  Tips for facilitating a group in leading change
11/11/2006  The difficulty with co-supervisor arrangements? No one has the ultimate authority to make a decision
10/25/2006  Great bosses create engaged employees
08/16/2006  Discipline overdue to stop attorney’s unprofessional behavior
06/15/2006  Employee plays husband/wife business owners against each other
05/10/2006  When should performance coaching end and termination begin
03/22/2006  Guidelines for transitioning from coworker to supervisor
01/26/2006  Tips for managers dealing with a workplace sniper
12/08/2005  Leads walk a fine line between front line and supervision
10/27/2005  Time management tips for managers and executives
09/14/2005  Manager without authority is no manager, at all
08/24/2005  Employee with attendance problem must be held accountable
06/16/2005  Tips for confronting unprofessional behavior
04/20/2005  Senior managers with good intentions can undermine their managers’ authority
03/02/2005  Salaried employees are accountable for their time and results
02/16/2005  Long-time attendance problem pushes manager to take action
01/26/2005  Addressing casual dress, gone too far
01/05/2005  First test of new manager – skillful handling of power struggle with key employee
12/08/2004  Participative leadership – making the move from “managing” to “leading”
11/24/2004  New manager must establish authority and new role with ex-peers
11/11/2004  HR involvement appropriate / important when dealing with serious employee problem
05/05/2004  Senior manager should mentor manager, not step in
11/19/2003  Jobs change, so must employees, or risk not meeting “minimum requirements”
11/12/2003  New manager must set expectations & create accountability
10/08/2003  Tips for new managers and supervisors
08/06/2003  Creative ideas for developing your technical staff
05/07/2003  Managing employee with yo-yo syndrome like pushing rope
04/30/2003  Tips for effective cross-functional teams
03/27/2003  Dealing with employees who don’t play well with others
02/05/2003  Tips for giving feedback without causing defensiveness
01/08/2003  Union creating entitlement attitude
12/25/2002  Handling coworker report of employee performance issue
10/16/2002  Management basics aren’t so simple
10/09/2002  Managers can be too hard, too soft or just right
07/10/2002  Even great teams need a tune up, now and then
03/27/2002  Guidelines for manager's socializing with employees
03/13/2002  Tips to avoid costly hiring mistakes
01/09/2002  Are weeds choking your corporate garden?
12/12/2001  Do you remember what it was like to learn to drive?
11/14/2001  Skills that earn promotion to manager, trip up new managers
10/24/2001  Key to avoiding wrongful termination suits . . . No surprises!
10/10/2001  7 tips to begin earning employees' commitment, initiative and motivation
09/19/2001  Special attention should be paid to best employees
08/08/2001  Manager must deal with former peer like any other employee
08/01/2001  Make employee expectations clear to ALL performers
06/20/2001  Tips for retaining employees during a slow economy
06/06/2001  Tips for new & ‘slightly used managers
05/04/2001  How about a little honesty from the CEO?
12/15/2000  What are you doing to keep your best employees?
12/01/2000  Some business housekeeping projects to fill the holiday lull
11/24/2000  Make your assistant a true partner
10/20/2000  In praise of good bosses
10/06/2000  Having trouble communicating? Forget the hype and just talk
08/20/2000  Good firms work to find out truth about bad managers
08/13/2000  Hiring friends, family may damage other relationships
06/11/2000  Different folks have different reasons for staying with employer
04/09/2000  Face-to-face feedback should replace heavy-handed reviews
03/05/2000  Managers, take a quiz to check relationship with employees
02/13/2000  Employees who resist change fight a battle they cannot win
12/05/1999  Pulling workers in same direction can be like taking 13 dogs for a walk
11/21/1999  Employees deserve a warning - not mental telepathy - before firing
11/14/1999  Effective performance review can help retain employees
10/24/1999  'Best Bosses' win praise for dialogue, balance, support
05/09/1999  Team leader walks fine line between management, employees
04/25/1999  Put gender issues aside when choosing gifts for your staff
03/14/1999  New office manager could cure organization’s ‘cancer’
01/31/1999  Managers are the key to recruiting and retaining employees
10/11/1998  If work day becomes game day, you’ll bring home a winner
09/27/1998  Don’t bother trying to confront condescending supervisor
07/12/1998  Even job perks can’t offset poor management, low morale
07/05/1998  Quiz offers answers on staying in touch with employees
01/10/1998  Wolf’s philosophy calls for an all-out team effort to win
04/27/1997  Integrity, sense of humor among traits of a good leader
08/11/1996  Listen up: feedback is important
02/18/1996  Will employees miss you when you leave?
01/21/1996  Hiring the boss’s buddy can poison a workplace
01/05/1996  Praise, encouragement can go a long way with employees
12/10/1995  A temp worker’s dream come true
10/01/1995  Respect is the first rule of successful management
06/18/1995  Managers with open doors can have closed doors
05/07/1995  Release departments from "functional silos"
03/12/1995  Employees led by "Mr. nice guy" finish last
02/19/1995  Beware of the micro-manager
10/16/1994  Management must address performance problem
07/17/1994  Value of feedback depends on delivery & reception
04/18/1993  A little advice on how to get a lot from your secretary
08/09/1992  Unsung hero deserves recognition
06/14/1992  Sharing power with employees means sharing info
04/26/1992  Be open and attentive to your secretary
04/05/1992  Recent "fear" column strikes a nerve
03/01/1992  Self-interest and leadership don’t mix
02/09/1992  Treat employees like adults
01/05/1992  Get down to business when hiring friends
12/08/1991  Managers need not fear employee involvement
09/08/1991  Creative thinking needs to be rewarded
05/19/1991  Be fair but firm with employee
04/28/1991  Treat your secretary like a partner
03/03/1991  Dual sales – management role is too much
12/16/1990  Use diplomacy as friend’s boss
12/09/1990  How to keep sane during the holidays
07/29/1990  Challenges can teach a valuable lesson
04/29/1990  Young boss employs tact with older
03/04/1990  Attitude adjustment needed – interviewee
01/28/1990  Knowing how to admit mistakes
07/30/1989  Discourage employee’s infatuation
04/16/1989  Temporary co-managers face tough job
04/02/1989  Do your job before firing worker
08/28/1988  Business journals can keep you current
05/08/1988  Many executives fail to take vacations
11/01/1987  Job rules are important but compassion needed, too
03/29/1987  Leaders must be prepared for the tough questions
02/15/1987  Bosses don’t want bad news
09/28/1986  Positive discipline method puts responsibility for behavior on shoulders of the employees
08/24/1986  Work games: managers and workers play several
07/27/1986  The ABC’s of management in the 1980s
04/06/1986  Being too nice of a boss doesn’t help anyone
03/02/1986  Lend an ear, managers
08/26/1984  Manager or mouse: Bosses should not put off confronting problems
06/10/1984  Performance problems: Supervisors must take calm, solution-oriented approach
06/03/1984  As supervisor, you need to develop new skills
05/06/1984  Poor work habits can wreck morale
04/15/1984  Managers are key to work ethic


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