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Dear Joan:
I am writing to you as a supervisor in a health-care profession. I would like you to recommend business journals that keep abreast of the current management trends, buzzwords and staff motivational research.

Health care has many excellent publications and journals that we can read to keep abreast of current technical and legislative issues, but I would like to make sure that I keep my knowledge base in management issues current.

You request sent me scurrying through my files and stacks of professional journals. At the risk of forgetting some good ones, I'll share some of the publications I find quite helpful for my own continuing education and for staying on top of management trends:

Personnel Journal - This excellent magazine covers every trend from recruiting to retirement. It provides a good source of legal and procedural information, as well as human resources issues in general.

Fortune - You will learn who's who in American corporations and what their philosophies of leadership are. There are comprehensive articles on major management trends.

The Wall Street Journal - There are timely, specific articles and columns devoted to the artful science of managing.

On Achieving Excellence - A monthly newsletter by Tom Peters, of "In Search of Excellence" fame. This little newsletter is full of tips, profiles of successful companies, management advice.

Personal report for the Executive - This monthly bulletin is one of my favorites. It's full of practical, how-to advice. It is written in a "Readers Digest" style: condensed.

Working Woman - This is so good, men should be reading it, too.

The Pryor Report - This newsletter from the Fred Pryor training folks is meaty and interesting.

The following magazines will help you to stay abreast of management issues:

Business Week


Industry Week

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