At thanksgiving remember work ‘family’

The holiday season begins next week as families get together to celebrate Thanksgiving. It's a time of laughter and reflection. A time when we pause from the hectic pace of our lives to give thanks for everything we have. The workplace is a lot like "family" for many of us. In fact, some futurists even call it "the new neighborhood," probably because we spend more time there than in our own back yards. As you stop to appreciate everything you have this Thanksgiving, don't forget to include the place where you work.

"Thank you" is such an easy thing to say, and yet we get so caught up in the daily administrivia of our jobs that it's often forgotten. The "do more with less" environment is taking its toll--too often we're skipping the important human kindness that makes the work load seem a little lighter and the day a little shorter.

As you consider the people you work with this Thanksgiving, why not jot a note, shake a hand, pat a back and simply say "thanks" to...

...your assistant. He or she puts up with your changing priorities, rushed deadlines and fussy directions and still manages to make you look good.

...your co-worker. He or she is quick to pitch in and help you when you're swamped and is always there to listen and give advice when you need it.

...your boss. When you tackled that big project he helped you navigate the political obstacles. He gives you the feedback you need and works hard to keep communication open.

...your peer in another department. She's as busy as you are but she always comes through when you need information to get your job done.

...your customers. They don't have to do business with you. When they told you about a disappointment they had with your service, they cared enough to tell you instead of going someplace else.

...your colleague in another company. She helped you out by giving you information you used for that big presentation you had to make.

...the custodian. He cleans up your messy office and even dusts your desk--if he can find it.

...the people who do your word processing and deliver your mail. They rarely get a thank you for helping you stay on top of your work and make your deadlines.

...your vendors. He fixed the copy machine that broke down in the middle of a huge project and she goes out of her way to stock your favorite candy bar in the vending machine.

...your family. They put up with your crazy work hours--school plays you've missed, weekend hours, and your short temper on hectic days.

This Thanksgiving, don't forget to say "Thanks." It doesn't take much but it sure means a lot.

Joan Lloyd is a Milwaukee based executive coach and organizational & leadership development strategist. She is known for her ability to help leaders and their teams achieve measurable, lasting improvements. Joan Lloyd & Associates, specializes in leadership development, organizational change and teambuilding, providing: executive coaching, CEO coaching & leader team coaching, 360-degree feedback processes, retreat facilitation and presentation skill coaching and small group labs. Contact Joan Lloyd & Associates at (414) 573-1616,, or 
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