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Joan Lloyd & Associates has a solid track record of excellent results.

Our clients, range from entrepreneurial start-ups like Cousin’s Subs, to large corporations, including: Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and Kohler Company. 

Our Expertise / Services:
We partner with our clients to create innovative solutions in leadership development, culture change and teambuilding. 
We provide custom designed solutions:
Executive Coaching
Management Consulting
Team Assessment / Team Interventions / Teambuilding
Facilitation of Planning and Strategy Meetings
Training Workshops & Interactive Labs
360-Degree Feedback Processes
Executive Coaching
Important Tips for When, and How, to Use an Executive Coach
Our executive coaching process has a success rate of more than 90% (metrics are established and measured by the client and his/her organization).
We provide customized coaching for leaders (and executive teams), whether the leader is in a new, stretch assignment, or a seasoned executive, who needs to modify behavior in an evolving corporate culture.  We achieve results with our behavioral, practical approach.  We create a customized plan for each executive, based on the needs of the executive and his/her organization.
A typical coaching engagement will involve:
Phase I:          Initial Assessment or “Intake”
Phase II:         Data collection and feedback
                          Executive Assimilation Process (Optional)
Phase III:       Ongoing Executive Coaching
Phase IV:       Re-collect Feedback
Phase V:        Final Report with additional development ideas
More information about our Executive Coaching Process
Management Consulting
We help organizations work through large changes and persistent problems, such as:
  • Organization Changes, such as Mergers, Reorganization, Leadership Changes
  • Creating a Healthy Culture-Creating Alignment and Employee Empowerment and Satisfaction
  • Jump Start—for a New Manager or a New Executive, so he/she gets off to a strong, positive start.
  • Employee Surveys, Including assistance with implementationCareer Development/High Potentials Program- design and facilitation
  • Customized solutions—call us to discuss your needs.
Team Assessment / Team Interventions / Teambuilding
It takes more than talented employees to become a cohesive, effective team. That’s where we can help. We have achieved great outcomes—here is a case study to illustrate our results: 
Case Study: The “Sick” Operating Room Team
After a merger, a large hospital operating room with more than 150 nurses and technicians had a divided culture, both geographically and philosophically.  Authority broke down, along with high standards and mutual respect. New recruits were hard to come by and tough to keep.
Through our collaborative change process, trust was rebuilt, effective responsibility and authority levels were established, the structure was modified and the work procedures were successfully standardized.
The results?  Turnover is drastically reduced, the quality of patient care has soared and this healthy OR is now a magnet for new graduates.
Facilitation of Planning & Strategy Meetings
Do you want to work with your group to plan your strategy and next year’s goals? Do you have a tricky, cross-functional problem to solve? Sometimes you just want to be a part of the process, instead of leading the session yourself.
We have worked with:
  • Physician teams
  • Boards of Directors
  • Executive teams
  • Cross-functional teams
  • Whole departments
  • Entire company meetings
 We design a dynamic process to achieve the outcomes you want:
  • Executive Retreats
  • Planning Sessions
  • Problem-solving Sessions
  • Focus Groups
  • Communicating/Gathering Input on Major Initiatives
Training Workshops & Interactive Labs
Our high impact, results-driven training workshops combine our experience and expertise to give participants hands-on experience with real-world issues.
We don’t believe in out-of-the-can training products.  Our workshops are highly customized to fit your industry, the needs of your organization and the skills level of the participants.  These workshops and small, group labs are conducted at your site.    
Small group lab or one-on-one coaching for Managers & Executives:
How to Present Like a Pro 
Small group labs for Technical Specialists or Staff:  
Internal Consulting Skills for Human Resource Professionals
How to Present Like a Pro
360-Degree Feedback Processes
A 360-Degree Feedback Process is a great tool for giving leaders clear feedback from their peers, employees, and managers.  It creates strong motivation and specific focus to improve skills and performance.
Joan Lloyd & Associates will design and implement a custom, easy-to-use 360-degree feedback tool for your organization. 
During a typical 360-Degree Feedback Process we will:
  • Use your existing leader competencies, or help you create leader expectations
  • Formulate the questions online using survey methodology and a secure site
  • Coordinate all the mechanics and administration of running an effective online survey
  • Analyze and compile all the data we collect into reports that you can use to benchmark the current skill level of your leaders, plan for future training and development and measure results
  • Compile individual, aggregate, or any other format reports that you require
  • Conduct a workshop to teach your managers how to use what they learn to develop practical action plans.
  • Provide Individual action planning sessions, if desired.
  • Talent development planning/Succession Planning
360-Degree Feedback – Case Study #1
A large division of a manufacturing company was unhappy with its existing 360-Degree Feedback tool and process.  It was too cumbersome and difficult to interpret.
Working in collaboration with one of our partners, BDD, we designed an online assessment that incorporated the leader competencies that were culture-specific.
The new 360-degree feedback tool was shorter and easier to complete.  We also provided one-on-one action planning for managers to help them create meaningful development plans.
The result?  The entire company adopted our easy-to-use, online 360-Degree Assessment Tool and process.
360-Degree Feedback – Case Study #2
The CEO of a large organization wished to do an online, 360 evaluation of his performance for his Board, within a short timeframe.
We integrated the Board’s measures, the CEO’s requests and the company’s leader competencies into an easy-to-use online assessment tool.  Using the results, we also facilitated a planning session with the CEO and the Board.  A strategy session was also held with the executive team
The results?  The CEO had a clear understanding of his performance and developed a specific plan for addressing both personal and organizational issues with his team, to make his organization even more successful
Custom Designed Solutions
We listen to our clients’ needs and design solutions that work.  From large group training to one-on-one coaching, we see your success as our success.

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