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Joan Lloyd & Associates, Inc. - Executive Coaching Process

Important Tips for When, and How, to Use an Executive Coach

We take a comprehensive approach to executive coaching. We create a customized plan for each executive, based on the needs of the executive and his/her organization.
A typical coaching engagement can involve:   

Phase I:        Initial Assessment or "Intake"          

An initial half-day meeting with our consultant to determine the issues, goals, commitment and expectations of the coaching client, the coaching client’s manager and Human Resources (if appropriate) and our coach.
Phase II:        Data collection and feedback

Essential to the success of coaching, is an understanding of how the client is perceived.  We conduct a customized, 360-degree process to gather confidential and specific feedback from employees, Board members, peers, customers, etc. 

  • A Confidential Feedback Report is provided, with recommendations for skills, behaviors and key actions critical to success on the job.  The report includes aggregate data by interviewee category (employee, customer, peer, etc.) and does not identify specific people. This report and recommendations are presented in a face-to-face feedback meeting and then used to develop action plans. 
  • Executive Assimilation Process: (Optional)
    This half-day facilitated process is designed to clarify and/or establish executive / team expectations and operating style.  It also creates a way to open dialogue and build a future-oriented agenda and some action plans for the executive and team to begin working on immediately.  This process is a very effective way to make sure that the team is aligned and connected with the executive and the organization's objectives. 
    PHASE III:     Ongoing Executive Coaching
    Meetings are conducted face-to-face, by phone or video conference. 
    • Process includes telephone calls and email communications with coaching client, client’s manager and Human Resources, as needed.
    • Can include a teambuilding process or other interventions, if requested (separate proposal/fee submitted)
    PHASE IV:   Re-collect Feedback

    Our consultant may recontact each of the interviewees for their comments and ideas about the client’s progress.  The feedback collected is then reported back to the coaching client and his/her manager with additional ideas for development.
    PHASE V:    Final Report:

    Our consultant writes a summary report for the client and the client’s manager.

    Client Testimonials:

    “Joan was hired by our corporation to provide professional executive coaching for several of our senior leaders.  She worked very closely with myself, the Division President and the senior leaders involved to first understand our culture and our operations and then to craft a development plan to assist those individuals to further develop and meet their full potential.  Joan was exceptionalat working with these leaders to quickly and effectively pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses.  She then used that knowledge to help them leverage their strengths and develop a course of action to address their weaknesses.  Each of the individuals involved came away from the experience energized and committed due to Joan’s effectiveness as a coach.  I would highly recommend Joan to any organization!” 

    ~ Karen Spindler, Corporate Director of Human Resources, The Marcus Corporation

    Joan is an outstanding executive coach. She has a personal approach that develops deep insights, providing focus and clarity throughout the experience. I enjoyed working with Joan immensely and continue to appreciate the longer-term career viewpoints that she provides."
     ~ Greg Ciriacks, Director Global Supplier Quality, Rockwell Automation

    “As an HR executive, I've engaged Joan's talented services in multiple situations -- training and facilitating HR practitioners, training emerging leaders, executive coaching, and public speaking training. Her results are consistently excellent and her clients are routinely delighted. Joan is a completely confidential and totally delightful professional. I recommend her without reservation!
     ~ Nadine Guirl, Senior HR Executive

    "Joan was instrumental in coaching a new team of professinals across multiple organizations with structured and balanced approach. 
     ~ Nata Abbott, GE MPS Grant Executive, GE Healthcare 

    “Joan Lloyd is a remarkable individual. She has expert knowledge in coaching, and her results consistently exceed expectations. She has exceptional integrity and I am fortunate to have worked with her.”

     ~ Jeff Plass, Director Global EHS, Kohler Company

    Joan's executive coaching approach is straight forward, energizing and fun. She connects on a personal level, cares about her clients’ success and gets outstanding results.”
     ~ Mark Ship, Vice President, Access & Referral Services, Children’s Hospital & Health System  
    Joan was an excellent executive coach for me. She has provided me with a new set of management tools that have been valuable. I have shared many of her ideas with my staff and colleagues. I recommend Joan highly to executives looking to improve their skills.” 
     ~ Scott Lord, VP, Operations & Residential/Light Commercial Business, Kohler Company 
    Joan Lloyd demonstrates competence in her field that is a benchmark for others. Striving for top performance with each effort, she is knowledgeable, personally flexible, and an innovator. Her standards are high; she is a professional in every sense of the word. I am happy to recommend her as an outstanding coach and strategist. 
     ~ Rick C. Bauman, Ph.D., Organizational Psychologist, Partner/Office Manager, Humber, Mundie & McClary  
    Joan is a pleasure to work with, she's high energy, engaging, personable and a knowledgeable resource to any organization. Joan has worked with Kohler on many different levels from coaching/enhancing employees in presentation skills to driving HR's ability to be strong business partners to executive coaching, all forms have been exceptional. I highly recommend Joan's services.”  
     ~ Polly Nachreiner, HR Generalist, J.F. Ahern Company  
    Joan has a deep understanding of the internal consulting skillset, and how to influence executives. Joan is an excellent coach - both in the classroom and one-on-one - and tailors her feedback and recommendations to the individual. Joan is a trusted business partner, whom I can recommend with enthusiasm.” Hired Joan more than once as a trainer/facilitator. 
     ~ Jay Grych, Curriculum Manager, Kohler Company  

    “I have known Joan for about 20 years and in that time have come to know her strengths as a pragmatic business advisor. For many years Joan has written a syndicated newspaper column, and there is one such article that has stood the test of time so much for me, that I still have it on my desk today, and still refer people to it. What more could you ask for?”

     ~ Deborah Seeger, Co-Founder, VP- Operations, Patina Solutions Group, Inc.

    Joan Lloyd is an expert in developing people and organizations. I have worked with her at BizStarts Milwaukee, and other ventures. Her expertise is unmatched in her field. I highly recommend her for coaching and consulting.”
     ~ Barbara Bartlein, RN, MSW, CSP


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